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    Device for Electric Stimulation of the Stomach in Cases of Dynamic Ileus and Postoperative Pareses
    The autonomous electro stimulator is primarily anticipated for the thin things and colon and rectum for the purpose of the activation of their bioelectric, motor one(s) and secretion activities to the separate electric stimulation of the stomach, duodenum, pancreatic exit and the extrahepatic section. IES JKT is certain for the use in the surgical departments with the sick persons with postoperative pareses and dynamic ileus, in gastroenterological and endocrinological clinics and hospitals, as well as for the house use and to the out-patient therapy.
Patient Using Intracorporeal Electro Stimulator Feels Intestinal Embankment and the Intestinal Peristalsis Wave

    According to the function principle, the intracorporeal electro stimulator (IES) JKT is a generator that unipolar electric impulses generate in the leading medium and it on the metal skullcaps-electrodes leads. As soon as IES JKT reaches into the mouth and go into the stomach intestinal area of the human being, he begins to feel the effect of the intestinal embankment with the electric impulses, and the intestinal peristalsis wave, that moves this deciding autonomous electro stimulator in the intestinal content through digital intestinal section and activates the motor of one and emptying function of the stomach intestine area through it.
    IES JKT contributes to the normalization and synchronization of the motor and emptying function of all section of the stomach intestine of area. The IES JKT is the first in a new category of products, which makes an effective correction and activation of a whole number of reduction systems of the organism without use of medications and enables out-patient also. Wide-spread usage in clinics and institute with more than 1.5 million IES JKT patients shows its high effectiveness and absolute harmlessness for the organism. After the technical overwork and the medical admission in the FRG, this is a very valuable product, available also in the EC.
    The clinicians, who used IES, recognized it as a valuable medical means to the improvement of the human health. Of course the autonomous electro stimulator doesn`t represent any panacea, he can treat however many illnesses effectively.
Postoperative Catharsis with Worm Illnesses and Dynamic Ileuses

·    Catharsis with strong worm illnesses, acute chemical and biological intestinal poisonings
·    Catharsis with the dynamic ileuses, that develops because of the pain syndromes of with damage of the organ of the abdominal cavity, the retroperitoneal area and chest;

Chronic Constipations: Intestinal Function Anuses, Gallstone Ailments, Sideroprive Anemia, Duodenostase and Dyskinesia of the Biliary Ducts Anuses, 2-Ten Type Diabetes
·    Duodenostase and dyskinesia of the biliary ducts anuses of the treatment of the opisthorchosis and giardiasis
·    Worm illnesses duodenostase
·    Pathology of the pancreas, restoration of the dynamics of the walks of system;
·    Gallstone ailments, anuses medical rule
·    Sideroprive anemia
·    2-ten type diabetes
·    Disturbance of the intestinal function anuses oncological fatty intestinal operation with people with unnatural anuses

Asthmatic Statuses Including Chronic Alcoholism, Intestinal Pareses Anuses and Prostatitis

·    Intestinal pareses anuses any gynecological operation ace waves ace in the childbed;
·    Disturbances of the sexual sphere of the women, treatment of prostatitis and improvement of the erection ability of men
·    Lowering of the cholesterol mirror in the blood
·    Ace of antidepressant and sedative
·    Treatment of chronic alcoholism

Electro Stimulator EREKTRON for Vaginal and Rectal Application

   The electro stimulator EREKTRON (in the following one the appliance) is for impact on smooth muscles of the rectum, the prostate, the vagina and the cervix by means of stimulating sequence of electric impulses.

Electro Stimulator Helps Edema Elimination
    The appliance makes a non-invasive impact on illness in the rectum and vagina area, possible by means of particular sequence of electric impulses. The effect of impulses activates metabolism processes, defensive reactions, muscle activity and blood microcirculation in the area of the true pelvis, up to the drain of the jam blood and the disintegration materials, the prostate that contributes vagina, to the edema elimination, restoration of the annoying conductivity and movement activity of smooth muscle fibers of the rectum.
    Electric impulses practice an analgesic and neurotropic effect what improves the reparative processes. Improvement of the blood circulation and the neurotropism on the one hand, reflex effect on centers of the spinal cord and the brain on the other hand improves the sexual function with men and women.
    Stimulation of nerves ends of the wave`s cervix ace of the rear vagina vault with stream impulses tone contributes to the increase of the uterus, a haemostatic effect practices, influences brain structures, the so named neck hypophyse hypothalamus reflex, what to the normalization of the function of ovaries, mitigation of the frigidity contributes.
    Average duration of the suggested cure amounts to 10-15 sittings, 1-2 times per day, duration of the effect-10 30 minutes. The appliance can be in physiotherapeutic, gynecological and andrological departments of the hospitals and salvation and cure institutions. It can also be applied at home after consultation with the doctor.
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