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Use of autonomous electrical stimulator “Erektron” for treatment of gynecological diseases.
Electrical stimulation of women's genitals is used for a wide variety of diseases (menstrual dysfunction, inflammatory diseases of genitals, sterility and others). Positive effects of pulse stimulation are caused by direct influence on muscles of vagina and uterine neck, as well as mediated reflex stimulation of spinal and cerebral centers. Current pulse stimulation causes the contraction of muscle fibers of vagina and uterus, what results in improvement of blood circulation in pelvic area, reducing the stagnation and edema, restoring the nervous conductivity. Owing to these changes, the reduction of pain syndrome is reached and the nutrition of vagina and uterus improves. The analogous effect is produced by gynecological vaginal massage. Besides, electrical impulses irritate nerve endings of uterine neck and the posterior fornix of vagina, what results in the increase of uterus tone, causes the haemostatic effect and also influences on brain centers (the so called uterine neck-hypophysis-hypothalamusreflex), this in turn brings about normalization of ovaries function and reducing the phenomenon of frigidity.

There are different medical devices that are used for carrying out electrical stimulation of women's genitals. Although they are rather good, they still have some disadvantages such as high prices, low capacity, impossibility of use in home conditions, and inadequate purposefulness of electromagnetic waves. The new autonomous electrical pulse stimulator “Erektron” doesn't have these disadvantages. Moreover, its convenient construction enables usage in home conditions.

Therapeutic indications for treatment of gynecological diseases by using the electrical pulse stimulator “Erektron”:

1. Disorder of menstrual cycle caused by insufficient ovaries function, ovulatory failure.
2. Functional sterility caused by disordered contractility of uterine tubes, low ovaries function.
3. Medical rehabilitation after operations on uterine tubes and ovaries.
4. Sexual dysfunction, frigidity.
5. Regulation of menstrual cycle.
1. Acute inflammatory process in genitals.
2. Hormone dependent diseases of genitals (myoma of the uterus, ovary cyst).
3. Malignant neoplasm of genitals.
4. Sutures, wounds, ulcers, fissures in vagina
5. Sexual dysfunction of central genesis.
6. Pregnancy (pulse stimulation may lead to abortion)
7. Implanted cardioaccelerator (pacer).
8. Individual intolerance.
9. Epilepsy.
10. Common contraindications for physiotherapy.

Effect of treatment of different gynecological diseases by “Erektron”

1. Menstrual dysfunction associated with low ovaries function (anovular menstruation).
Electrical impulses influence on reflex zone of the posterior fornix of vagina and cause the stimulation of brain centers, which are responsible for hormone production in ovaries and their blood circulation. This method of treatment is effective in more than 60%.

2. Functional sterility.
Improvement of blood circulation in genitals, activation of motor activity of uterine tubes; normalization of ovulation and ovaries hormone production. The effectiveness of this method is about 40-50%.

3. Medical rehabilitation after operations on uterine tubes and ovaries.
Analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-edematous action; improvement of function of uterine appendages; sterility prophylaxis.
The course of pulse stimulation treatment is recommended for women operated on with laparotomy or laparoscopy approach for:
- extra-uterine pregnancy;
- obstruction (impassability) of uterine tubes;
- adhesive process in uterine appendages
The effectiveness of treatment is about 80-86%.

4.Sexual dysfunction (frigidity).
The quality and completeness of sexual reactions in women depends on three main components of coitus. The first is the psychological aspect, which is associated with the cerebral cortex and is responsible for correct orientation of sexual desire. The second component depends on endocrine system activity, sexual hormone production and distribution in the organism. And the third component is directly the genitals.
The “Erektron” causes the mediated influence on all of these three components, but the most effect is caused in genitals. Sexual dysfunction may be the result of following conditions:
- Anatomic defects of genitals (congenital or acquired);
- Disappearance or weakening of orgasm sensations after operations, traumas, deliveries (more often after the pathological delivery - delivery of big fetus, rapid parturition, application of forceps, episiotomy, perineotomy, rupture of maternal passages).
- Painful sensations during coitus and during finger vaginal examination;
- Cicatrical changes of erogenic zones, which cause low sensitivity;
- Weakness of muscles of pelvic floor and perineum;
- Prolapse of the vagina and the uterus.
Insufficient blood circulation and the low tone of vessels in pelvic area lead to deterioration of nerve endings sensitivity.Pulse stimulation of vaginal walls causes muscle contraction, nerve irritation and blood vessels constriction, so it's action is like micro massage of genitals.
Effect of treatment: improvement of blood circulation in pelvic area, restoring of nerve conductivity, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, increase of sensitivity
The effectiveness of treatment is about 65-70%.

5.Regulation of menstrual cycle when pregnancy suspected or during an early pregnancy
There are different methods to prevent unwanted pregnancy, but unfortunately, the most popular one is abortion. This operation has many side effects such as inflammatory diseases of women's genitals, irregular menstrual cycle, sterility, etc. Doctors attempt to minimize the risks of abortion. One of the methods include vacuum extraction of fertilized ovum during an early pregnancy (1 to 3 weeks), it is like a “mini-abortion”. During an early pregnancy fertilized ovum has a weak connection with walls of uterus and is easy to detach. Bleeding after that procedure is almost the same as during the menstrual cycle.
Alternative method for “mini-abortion” is the use of “Erektron”.

Effect of treatment: stimulation of vaginal contractions disturbs the natural course of pregnancy. It restricts the fertilized ovum to attach to the wall of uterus and therefore rejects it and forces it to leave the womb.

In some women with individual heightened sensibility suggested method of use of the “Erektron” may cause unpleasant sensations like itch, burning, spasmodic muscle contractions of vagina and pelvic area. In this case you should extract the device from vagina immediately. If these symptoms appear every time when using the “Erektron”, treatment with pulse stimulation may be used only under a doctor's control.

The psychological preparedness for procedure is very important for treatment process that includes a good mood for achievement the maximal treatment effect, and comfortable and friendly climate around the patient (family relationships, sexual relationships, etc.).

Each procedure of pulse stimulation should be carried out in favorable and comfortable situation, without any interference, jokes and sarcasm about this intimate problem. Partner's support and love is also needed.

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