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The substance got from horns of the young Altaic deers (the marals panto) - will help You!
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    Marals are a deer species inhabiting the Asian part of Russia up to Lake Baikal. A substance obtained from the horns of young marals has a veritably miraculous effect. The Altai sub-species of these animals is not found anywhere else in Siberia or the world.
    There are 12 maral-breeding farms in the Altai territory, which are the main suppliers of horn substance. Every year, more than 100 tons of this precious substance are exported to China, Vietnam, Malaysia and South Korea.
    Since time immemorial, the ancients knew the curing properties of essence extracted from maral deer horns. Today, its healing effect is confirmed by scientists in many countries. As a prospering business, maral-breeding is particularly widespread in New Zealand where maral herds total 1.5 million animals.
    But the horns of the Altai marals are special because they are litofagues or rock-eaters. Pasturing in the ecologically clean foothills of the Altai mountains, they also consume hundreds of various plant species. As a result, their horns accumulate a balanced complex of minerals, micro-elements and vitamins that are quickly absorbed and assimilated in the human body without any side effects characteristic of synthetic products.
    We are proud to present 100% natural Altai Deer Antler Velvet product line (supplements, healing baths, micro-enemas, facial care) that has a unique powerful tonic and revitalizing effect to help you combat fatigue and stress, support your immune system, restore your energy balance, increase carbohydrate, lipid and fat metabolism and rejuvenate your body after injuries and joint pains.
    Health ... You take it for granted when you have it, but if you lose it - nothing can substitute it.
    You find no joy in the activities that before have brought you so many happy moments; you forget what a smile is and a good laughter with the people you love; and the shadow of constant worries lies around your eyes. It seems as if life with its bright colors had turned its bleak side on you where you sit alone in the darkness surrounded by merciless aches and pains.
    Then you realize that the only thing you want back is your Health, because only Health brings out the joys and pleasures of Life and no amount of money can buy you the feeling of being Healthy, you must help yourself to become healthy again.
    There are lots of people in this world who spend so much time watching their health sipping away without trying to turn back the destructive process. The person should understand that he or she must take charge of his or her own life.

    Ask youself:
    What would you do for your own health?
    Would you spend hundreds of dollars on medications with a long list of side effects and call it "cure"?
    Stop excersing and call it "being very busy"?
    Have a health problem and say "everyone has this at my age"?
    Or would you take the health matters in your hands?
    Would you want to forget what "aging" means?
    Would you want to stay mentally, physically and sexually active at any age?

    Our bodies are very complicated and amazing systems. They can cure themselves if we give them the chance to take charge of their own processes. Deer antler velvet levels the blood to perfection, helps restore the fine balance of a healthy body and brings back the feeling of content with onself and life.

    Here, you finally found the source of Health and Longevity - the deer antler velvet products - known and used in China, Japan and Korea for over two millennia...Products that ARE working.

    Altai deer antler velvet products are not only giving more energy, but also are potent immune system stimulants and stunning performance enhancers. The blood extracted from the deer velvet antler of the Altai maral (red deer) has been regarded as a pure heavenly substance that levels the human blood to perfection, restores balance and strength of the body, cultivates an overall feeling of well-being and gives a person the gift of longevity.
    Supplements and healing baths are effective in supporting the immune system, cleansing the circulatory system from cholesterol deposits, increasing passability of blood vessels, significantly reducing a major risk of atherosclerosis and preventing a heart attack and stroke. The substance known as pantogematogen (pantohematogen) absorbed by the body activates microcirculation of lymph and blood, increases cellular metabolism, stimulates the process of skin rejuvenating and healing.
    The properties of maral deer antler velvet have been highly valued by Chinese for their miraculous qualities to prolong life and restore sexual potency at any age. Chinese physicians have regarded velvet antlers as an essential health, energy and sexual tonic, and the greatest natural remedy against aging for the past thousands of years.
    Since the 1930s, Russian scientists have been developing and extensively testing the extract from antler velvet known as Pantocrin and later on, Pantogematogen (from the Russian pantui  the whole velvet antler) and clinical research results have shown an overwhelming recurring theme - deer velvet stimulates the immune system, prolongs life, prevents aging of the cells, restores energy balance, is the most effective in fighting against disease and has no side effects.

    The Research Institute of Pharmacology in Altai, Russia has announced that Pantogematogen, a formula containing velvet antler is being used by  Russian sportsmen for the Olympic Games 2000 in Sidney. According to the manufacturers of Pantogematogen, research conducted by the Olympic committee of Russia concludes that positive results were achieved in  effective rehabilitation of sportsmen after intensive physical load in some sports teams.  All sportsmen noted good tolerance of loads and high adaptogenic properties when taking this preparation. Makers of Pantogematogen state that their product has been used by athletics from around the world, including sportsmen in the following competitions: World championship at winter sports in Norway, 1997; Winter Youth Olympic Games in Korea, 1997; Winter Olympic Games in Nagano, Japan, 1998; Youth championship at oriental single combat in Johannesburg, The Republic of South African, 1997; and Championship of Europe at boxing in Minsk, Belorrussia, 1998. 
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